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Silverlight 5.1.50709.0

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Silverlight 5.1.50709.0

Silverlight Review:

 Microsoft Silverlight is one of the most powerful tools that enables you to create engaging and truly interactive web content and mobile applications. These are all marketed through the Windows Application Network and App Store. Silverlight is amazing, stunning and built with innovative and necessary features that will make your applications stand out. Let me walk you through some of the advanced features that you get with Microsoft Silverlight 5, their latest offering. 

 User Content Viewing

 - Limitless Deep Zoom is a feature that utilizes advanced algorithms for fastest, smoothest and seamless deep zooming in to high resolution images and the content on the web. It enables you to view thousands of items simultaneously allowing you to create innovative and more interactive navigation techniques through your content on the web.
 - IIS Smooth Streaming is an extension from the IIS7 Media Services that allows you to playback HD content and stream them seamlessly over the HTTP protocol. It gives users a real-time visualization experience irrespective of their internet connectivity and computing capabilities of their device.
 - Pivot Viewer is an amazing viewer that helps you to view thousands of related content on the web in ways that are more user friendly, intuitive and fun. It leverages the Deep Zoom feature and hence, allows users to view overwhelming amount of information at once. It helps them to analyze patterns and trends easily.

 User Content Creation

 - Pixel Shader is a customized application that lets users create amazing effects like drop shadow or fluiding appearance etc. This comes with many inbuilt effects and also allows the flexibility to create your own.

 There are over 60 fully customizable and skinnable user controls. They include treeview, datagrid, dock and viewbox, autocomplete, charting and media and many out-of-the-box controls. They come under 9 professional themes and their source-code can be changed and altered by recompiling it and or used as-it-is.

 A New Perspective 

 Perspective has been added to every form of content created using Silverlight by which users can rotate and scale live content on the web and this gives an amazing sensation while engaging with such applications. This can be done simply by adding a 3D plane to the content without writing any additional code.

 This is just a free plugin that is based on the .NET framework and it bestows you with limitless capabilities to build amazing applications. The ultimate thing is user interactivity and engagement and that's all about Silverlight.

Silverlight screenshotSilverlight screenshotSilverlight screenshot

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